Muir Woods by Moonlight

Enough cat diabetes blogging! I've been doing other stuff this summer, for reals. In fact, I've got a real embarrassment of unprocessed pictures stacked up to deal with. I finally sat down and knocked out the pictures I took on the Muir Woods by Moonlight walk back in July. I've lived in San Jose for 11 years now and I had no idea until this summer that there was this freaking huge park on the other side of the bay. And they have these free walks on the full moons during the summer! We went on this one in July and then a couple of weeks ago we did the Sunset walk to the Point Bonita lighthouse - there will be more on that later as I grind through my photo backlog.

Anyway, the pictures are in the sidebar of course, but I uploaded a set to Flickr. It was a little tricky to take photos once it got dark so I only got a few good ones, plus some of the bay from Sausalito. (We had dinner at Scouma's there on the water, then went to Muir Woods.) I didn't have my tripod so it was difficult to take pictures of the moon, although I gave it a whirl. I think there are some much better photos from the Point Bonita walk, where I did lug a tripod around. This if my favorite shot from the set, even if it isn't that redwood-y:

In geeky notes, I'll point out that all of these photos are geotagged. A while back I bought a GPS logger that I can hang on my camera strap and generate a track file. And I finally found a reasonable workflow for incorporating that information into my photos. There's a plug for Aperture called "Maperture Pro" that will just suck the log file in, compare the timestamps against the camera timestamp and put lat/long in the EXIF information. If you really want to stalk me, you can also download a Google Earth version of the trackfile and see where we walked.