It's Incredibly Terrible And Bad

Oh hi there! Are you still out there reading this? Wondering just what happened? Well, a bunch of stuff really. One part is that I went from "not all that busy" to "Oh shit there's another fire over here" in like a week. Work got busy, I had a personal coding project that required attention, and so forth. Also, I have to say the D&D campaign has progressed and I've moved more from fiddling with the mechanics of the game to world-building and adventure design. Which doesn't sound that related but that seems to be drawing from the same writing inspiration well as blogging. Or possibly just drawing from the same time well, I'm not 100% sure. And then lastly I was on vacation last week, so that was out.

Having said all that, the blog can't die so I'm back baby!

What did I miss? There's been some gaming: GTA IV downloadable content (The Lost and Damned), GTA Chinatown Wars (for DS), and in the "older games I just got from Gamefly" I have Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2. I don't know if people care to talk about any of those - speak up if you do. I played some Chinatown Wars mulitplayer yesterday and was highly disappointed - two DS units, next to each other in the same room and we kept getting random disconnects. Just to confirm it was the game and not cosmic rays, or broken DS hardware or something we played a "known stable" game (Worms) and it worked fine. So I currently believe the multiplayer in Chinatown Wars is "shouldn't have been approved for manufacture" level buggy, which is really disappointing.

Television seasons have been finishing like crazy. Dollhouse gets to come back, and I'm still debating if I'm willing to keep watching it. I didn't like any of the characters and found most of the stories dumb, contrived, and full of plot holes. At a very fundamental level I think the show is demanding more from an actor than Eliza Dushku can bring. The show would have been a complete wash (hah! see what I did there?) If it wasn't for the (spoiler alert-Wash dies-I did it again!) really stellar performance Alan Tudyk brought in.

I grabbed the Lost season finale via iTunes and watched it on my laptop while on vacation. I should probably watch it again before making up my mind. In general I think season five was very strong, but the finale definitely had some issues. I'm still counting down until the start of the final season of course and it is possible I was just super-tired when I watched so maybe I'll like it better on a re-viewing.

I haven't watched the season finales of Fringe or Heroes yet. Heroes is probably on my personal bubble there with Dollhouse, this recent "Hey let's rip off the X-Men" story line has been weak sauce. I'm not even (nor have ever been) an X-Men fan but man even I know everything this story is doing was done way better 20 years ago in the comics.

(Blog Title from MC Frontalot's "I Hate Your Blog". I also considered "You ain't logged in an a month and a half", but that's a bit too much on point.)