Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

This is awesome:

(via everyone. The first link I saw was Chris Hardwick.)

Watching this drives something home to me: the Muppet folks need to bring back the variety show. Here's what I'm saying: sell it direct-to-DVD, stream it on YouTube or Hulu, or do the more esoteric sell subscription podcasts or whatever. Do anything other than attach it to some stupid basic cable channel and I'd sign up. I'm positive you could get a season's worth of various internet folks to guest host the show (just imagine a Muppet Show with Jonathan Coulton for example. That's internet gold right there.). Somebody is going to break this market open eventually, and I seriously think The Muppet Show has the right nostalgia factor to make it happen.

There are these fumbling steps to bring back the Muppets (Waldof and Statler doing movie reviews for example), this video has a link to buy a Queen CD at Best Buy, but I think it's overkill. Just give geeks the show they remember from childhood and and give them some way to pay you for it. (Imagine the Pigs in Space take on The Matrix and tell me you wouldn't pay for that.)