Well Hello 2009!

For Christmas Karin and I got the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD, which had three different "Making of" features. The last one is titled "What just happened?" which I think is probably the best summary of 2008 available.

I don't really have a blog post topic today but I wanted to get a new post into the feed. I need to do some book reviews (I could do Anathem, Zoe's Tale, Saturn's Children, or erm, several recent D&D rulebooks - lemme know if there's interest in any of those titles), I got a big stack of board games for Christmas, and I'm getting all psyched up about Lost again (been watching the season four Blu-Rays). I could write about any of that, but none of it seems imperative to me right now.

I flipped through the January posts for 2005-2008 looking for common New Year's themes but I didn't find a lot. I often do some major blog software upgrade over the Christmas holidays and I'm usually annoyed at some big video game. I didn't do any software updates this time and Gamefly is consistently sending me ancient titles from the teens on my software queue right now so I haven't played Dead Space or Fallout 3, or Valkyria Chronicles, or even the new Banjo-Kazooie. I have been playing a boatload of Civilization:Revolution lately, working through winning with all the civilizations and up the difficulty curve. Right now I'm trying to win on the Deity level but the AI cheatiness is ridiculous at that level, enough so that it may exasperate me.

Anyway, welcome to 2009 everyone. I have big goals for 2009 so let's get some balls rolling shall we?