Oh hi there!

Maybe I should dash off a quick missive to my neglected blog during my jetsetting ways. It's vacation time! Last weekend we flew up to Seattle for PAX. We came back on Monday and I had just enough time to A) write a silly little iPhone app I wanted for my next vacation and B) develop and mostly recover from some mild con-flu thingie. Tomorrow morning at stupid o'clock I'm off to the east coast for yet another Big Honkin' Road Trip with some friends.

PAX was awesome as it always is. We got the new MC Frontalot album which doesn't even get released until November, got to see Jonathan Coulton and Freezepop play, saw the west coast premiere of Nerdcore Rising and generally hung out. We also managed to go check out the Experience Music Project (very meh) and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame (sadly also sort of meh).

We also flew Virgin America, which truthfully I didn't care for. The seats were cramped. Jetblue has recently done this thing where you can pay extra (like $30 or so) for "Extra Leg Room" seating and that's much nicer than Virgin. They both have the screen that I don't use (do you have any idea how many video playback devices I carry for even a two hour flight? I come up with four. It's ridiculous.) and Virgin's extra interactivity seems to amount to Doom and a bunch of crappy Linux games. It was cheap and I guess it was nicer than Southwest (but not much - really I care about two things in an airline: being on time, and given me enough room to actually sit without hunching my shoulders. I felt like the VA seats were even MORE cramped than normal.) and Jetblue doesn't fly to Seattle from here. But I was surprised after all the internet gushing over Virgin Air. I'm happy to be flying Jetblue tomorrow instead of Virgin. The Virgin first class seats looked nice, but DUH! everybody's first class looks nice.