More Zune Spam!

Notice what's missing from this email?
Zune System Maintenance Beginning September 29, 2008 — Inbox.jpg

That's right, there's no unsubscribe link. And before somebody suggests it, neither the "Privacy" nor the "Terms of Use" link leads to an unsubscribe option.

(You might ask why Zune even has my email address. The answer is for about a year or so Microsoft would tell you to install the Zune software in order to stream media to your 360. And in fact Xbox Live accounts are Zune accounts and vice-versa. Of course, my Xbox contact preferences are set for "don't ever contact me for anything". They still do, but I think they limit to service outages and things where they are charging my credit card.)

So, "" met the "Train as spam" keyboard shortcut. Amateurs.