Does anybody use the "combo feed"?

The blog provides three feeds, at least in theory. There is the main "Entries" feed, the "Comments" feed, and then a third feed that is supposed to provide Entries and Comments jammed into a single feed.

That third feed has been broken for a couple of months now (since my last Wordpress upgrade). It's working again sort of, but I don't think it lists comments anymore (so it's basically a duplicate of the Entries feed.) The first two feeds are provided in a "stock" Wordpress install. The third I had hacked together. I'm not sure why it's not working now, but I'm also sort of thinking "Well if nobody is using it then I'm just going to drop it."

So that's the question. Is there anybody using the Combo Entries+Comments feed? If there is, I can certainly make it work right again. But if nobody is using it, then I'm going to drop it as one less thing to worry about.