Battlestar is back

So Battlestar Galactica returns for season four tonight. Now, I think BSG jumped the shark towards the end of season two, and that the season two finale was a travesty. As evidence I'll offer that they spent most of season three meticulously undoing everything that had happened in the finale, and the rest of the time was spent on new stupid stuff.

At any rate, the last season starts tonight and heck, what else am I gonna watch? Lost is on hiatus anyway. Here's a fantastic 8:18 recap video if you need some refreshing on what the frak is going on.

Has anybody seen anything official on the speculation that this season will be split into two halves due to the writers strike? And when do we get to call bullshit on that? If 10 episodes air in 2008 and 10 more air in 2009, that's two 10 episode seasons damnit. A four-six week "hiatus" I'll accept. If it's longer than that then it's two seasons.