OK, fine if I drink the Kool-Aid will you all leave me alone?

I should come clean. I've had a 16 Gigabyte iPhone for just over a week now. "But Tim," you say, "didn't you explain why you didn't want an iPhone, and why you still didn't want an iPhone? And didn't you get a new iPod Classic for Christmas?"

And then I would say back to you, "Hey, stop using my blog search function!" But yes, all these things are true. Several things happened. The most important one is that Sprint decided to see if they could piss me off enough I'd shut off my Sprint account, damn my Treo. Turns out they could. Huzzah! The second thing was the iPhone SDK is substantial enough that I believe all my iPhone complaints will be resolved come June. As a minor third thing I actually wanted to develop stuff for iPhone, and didn't figure Karin would take kindly to me grabbing hers and debugging on it for long stretches of time. (Yes, I assumed it would be easier to get the hardware certificate than it appears to be thus far.)

So yeah, now I have an iPhone. I really and truly blame Sprint. I don't want to get into the whole thing, but the short version is that they claim that I did something to the billing in 2006 that re-upped a 2 year commitment on both my Treo and Karin's 2003-era phone. So when Karin got her iPhone for Christmas they charged me an early termination fee, despite the fact that I hadn't terminated the account or even tried to change the plan I was using. During that conversation I confirmed that because I hadn't sent in the $50 rebate paperwork on my Treo 700 that I *wasn't* under a two year contract, and that my phone number was released on March 5th. Exactly one week before my birthday. Hmmmm. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

It is a slick little device. I'd just prefer it to be a little less internet-oriented and a little more Tim's-data-oriented. The fact is that the biggest function of my Treo was probably the Calendar, and iPhone's calendar is less functional that the Treo, much less iCal. But I gotta admit, it is a fantastic video iPod.