Sony's Rube Goldberg Device

So I decided to download the new demo of Patapon for the PSP. This marks the first time I downloaded something for the PSP via the PS3. In the past I've downloaded files on PC or Mac and just put those files on the memory stick, but I figured, hey let's try the PS3.

This is a silly process. Here's what you do.

1 ) Download the title via the store. At least you can download in the background now, so you can go play something else while stuff downloads.

2 ) OK, now the title you downloaded (which, mind you is a PSP demo) needs to install onto the PS3. This happens for anything you get from the Playstation Network store - you have to install it to the PS3 before you can use it. It would be nice if this occurred in the background as well, but I suppose I can see how random hard drive and CPU access during gameplay would be bad.

3 ) Now you need to connect the PSP to the PS3. This requires using a USB connection cable, no wireless here, no sir!

4 ) Now you run the program on the PS3 to install the software to the PSP.

5 ) Now you can delete the PS3 installer.

6 ) Now you think you're done, but wait! Has it been more than a week since the last time you upgraded the PSP firmware? (I kid Sony, but they do happen about monthly. Put it this way, I bought a new PSP holiday title (Final Fantasy Tactics) and my firmware was *four revs* behind.)

7 ) Turn on the PSP Wifi and check for Network Updates. Log into your network. (You do have your network configured already right? Else it's another whole hoo-hah.)

8 ) Download the update.

9 ) Reboot the PSP and install the update.

10 ) Delete the firmware update from the PSP memory stick.

That's it! In just 10 easy steps you've installed a hot new game demo on your PSP!