What the hell?

OK, I did something moderately stupid today and found out that Time Machine was screwing up, which made everything worse.

Here’s what happened: I messed up a database today on my web server. “No problem,” thought I, “I’ll just fire up Time Machine and restore my MySQL data to a point earlier today.” So I did that.

Hours later I noticed that my blog had reset itself to October 8th, eating four comments and three posts. After a lot of messing about I’ve come to this conclusion: although Time Machine claims to have backups of this data between October 8th and today it doesn’t.

Luckily, I have all the posts and comments in other data stores about. So I’ve reposted the three posts, and I’m about to restore the comments. Sorry for any confusion! While I can make this almost seamless, there may be some oddities in the RSS feed.