Lost in 2008

It seems increasingly likely that I'm going to live through this cold and I've had some blog topics piling up. One I need to address before it becomes no-longer timely is Lost. As fans probably know season four starts airing Thursday. I'm excited to see what happens, but more than a little worried about the writer's strike. There were only 8 episodes in the can (of a planned 16 for season four), and it looks increasingly likely that we'll only get the 8 in the near term future. The writers & producers have chirped a little about S04E08 being a "big cliffhanger" and making nervous comparisons to the situation in season 3 with the first six episodes. Anyway . . . .

A few things of note. I did buy the Blu-Ray version of season 3 and rewatch it, mostly before I got too sick to see straight, but I watched some bits and pieces during the "sick but not that sick" window. And yes, I watched the dreaded spider-throwing episode again although I simply didn't watch the spider fight part at all. I even watched it twice - once with commentary. I had completely forgotten that Billy Dee Williams was in that episode. Apparently one of the writers is a huge Lando Calrissian fan. Whatever. It was really interesting to watch the episodes again, I was struck by a lto of things that I missed the first time through. I hope they come out with seasons 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray soon.

Also, they've been doing little mini-episodes for Verizon that they call Missing Pieces. (They call them "mobisodes" but I refuse to use that terrible portmanteau.) They are available a week later on the web and they are worth watching. They are about 2-3 minutes long and a few fill in nice pieces of missing bits (like when Juliet tells Jack she is still working for Ben). Worth taking a look. Also (SPOILER ALERT) one of them features Michael (it's set in season 1 times). However, my comment is that I really doubt they would fly the actor out just to film that. Which means, Michael is likely in at least one of the season 4 episodes already shot. It's possible this was just a deleted scene, but it seems more likely it was written for these little shorts then cut from an extant episode.

Lastly, I've been sorta tracking the "alternate reality game" (ARG) - Find 815. By "sorta tracking" I've been watching the video bits and doing the little Flash games, but not messing with the heavy-lifting parts where people pull single frames out of the video, extract the hidden messages and decode secret URL's and so forth. It's kind of neat. I wonder how closely it's tied to the show. It's plausible that the freighter that Sam is on in the ARG turns out to be Naomi's boat, they seem to be doing similar things and the timeframe seems about right. If you just want to see the video parts without playing the "game" portions you could just read up on it at Lostpedia.

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