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(This post isn't really intended to be interesting. It's merely storing an archive copy of some information that I happen to know right now, but won't retain. If you aren't trying to actively test a new satellite dish install right now you won't care. I suspect somebody might well ask me about this in the next few months, so I'm archiving it here before I throw away the piece of paper I was jotting notes on.)

The various internet fora are ablaze with misinformation and balderdash about the upcoming DTV HD signals (from the D10 satellite). Here's some boiled down information on checking your dish setup. All of this worked as of 9/21/07 on my HR20, but may change at any time.

Channels 490 - 494 provide tests of the older satellites. It should simply say satellite whatever, transponders whatever on the screen.

Channels 480 and 481 are testing the two B-band converter modules that should be installed on the end of your satellite in wires. They say "BBC confirmed working"

Channel 498 tunes in the new D10 satellite (103(b)) directly and specifically says you are receiving programming from the new satellite.

Until recently you could tune 499 and if you got a "searching for signal" message that was a good thing. As I understand it if you got that message that meant your receiver could see 103(b) but not get any signal from it (because it wasn't broadcasting). If your receiver couldn't see 103(b) then it would fall over to another satellite and get some sort of signal. This was actually what DTV suggested to do at last week, but today it references the channel 498 test.

Note that my HR20 still complains about not getting a signal on 99(b) but that location is currently used for "spot beams" of HD locals - and it doesn't spot beam anything to my area. Apparently these satellites are "temporary" and due for replacement

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