SFNovelists Relaunch

Back in the misty prehistory of time I mentioned SFNovelists - the web site for a group of Science Fiction and Fantasy authors that I happen to be a member of. The web page has languished a bit over the last year, but Tobias Buckell has recently been jamming like a fiend on pulling together a great new site and it relaunched today. Instead of the simple blog-joining that the old site had now we've got daily blog posts created for the site by a rotating list of posters, the combined RSS feed, free samples from books and short stories, and all sorts of goodness.

Stop by and check it out! I don't think I'll be posting stuff there right away, mainly because my professional promotion is lagging behind my actual writing these days (my current writing plan is in the dictionary - it falls somewhere between "dubious" and "dysfunctional") but it's a great site. I've been trying to kick in some help on behind-the-scenes techno-nerdery, so that's my contribution for the short term. Long term, we'll see.

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