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So, it's the fourth. Yay! Blah, blah, tea in the harbor, blah, blah we can make pretty explosions, yadda, yadda! What's really important here? Out of nowhere my PSP and my PS3 have both been getting regular play time all of a sudden. WTF?

On the PS3 I've been playing Super Stardust. This is a solid little arcade shooter. I might go so far as to say I like it better than Geometry Wars. At the very least, it has more varied gameplay than Geometry Wars. The PS3 has racked up a reasonable stack of games that aren't epic, you aren't going to buy a PS3 to play Super Stardust, but if you HAVE bought a PS3 it is easily worth $8.

On the PSP I've rented a game called Crush. Crush is somewhere between a platformer and a puzzle game. The main gimmick is that the world is in 3d and you can rotate the camera orthographically, so you can see any of the four side views of the world, or up for the top-down view. At any time you can hit the left shoulder button and "crush" the world into 2D. When that happens lines that were decorative in 3d become platforms you can run on, but a solid block that you could jump on before becomes an impassable wall. So you rotate the camera around and flip things about in order to progress through. Things like you might flip into top-down, crush into a flat plane, and walk two steps and uncrush. Those two steps can traverse what was an impassable cliff in 3d, and when you uncrush you're now at the top of the cliff. It's pretty ingenious - it's basically a brand-new puzzle mechanic. I find that I play a level and then turn it off again, but it's certainly worth checking out.

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