Spoiler-Free Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Discussion, Part One

I received Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows from Amazon via the USPS today. If you think this is a stupid topic, screw you it's the literary event of the season unless you're too highbrow to admit you like children's books sometimes.

It is 759 pages in total. After some thought, I'll blog something brief after every 100 pages, roughly speaking. 110 pages cover the first six chapters, which I've just finished. If you can't define a "Horcrux" offhand you should reread book six before tackling seven. I reread book six last week in preparation, and it was a good catching-up point. I think the movie that just came out is five, and five is my least favorite book (it's the one where Harry is a whiny teenager). But reading six got me all the bits I needed so far. The first seventh of book seven is a rolller-coaster ride, you need to remember the plot heading in.

Karin walked in where I was reading as I finished a chapter around page 62 or so. She said jokingly "Has anyone died yet?" and I replied quite seriously, "Yes." By page 100 there are two deaths, although one isn't confirmed (they haven't recovered the body - in true comic-book fashion this is discussed as a maybe-they-aren't-dead.) I'm not saying who. The first death is somebody that nobody will ever predict, even giving that my statement will cause odd predictions.

I have some Xbox Live gaming scheduled for 7 PM, we'll see how far I get by then. I don't expect to read any RSS feeds or most web sites until I finish - I'm avoiding spoilers!

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