The 360 Guitar and Me

You might be wondering how did I ever settle in to the 360 Guitar Hero controller, especially after I started trying the "new grip"? Well, I'd say pretty good. But I don't have to say it myself because I can let the "Sandbox Hero" achievement (for getting five stars on all songs on the Easy tour) on my GamerTag speak for itself. Now I'm on to five-starring the Medium songs. "The Grip" rules, my friends!

In a somewhat funny note, I accidentally skipped a song in the second tier of easy, so I worked my through Psychobilly Freakout on Easy and went "Awhaa?" when I didn't get my achievement. So I had to go back and play this absolutely baby-simple song and I nailed every note on my first playthrough. Which is only sorta awesome, except back in my 360 Achievement categorization post my example of a "Major Goal" was the Guitar Hero II 100% achievement. At the time I wrote

You might do that through normal play, but it's more likely that you sit down and work at it for a while.

Well then. Turns out you can do it through normal play - IF you have mastered "The Grip". Later in the post I also referenced Splinter Cell: Double Agent's achievement for completing an entire level without being detected as a "Major Goal", so that will have to stand as my canonical example. I don't think it's likely to happen on anybody's first playthrough of a SC:DA level, so it's much more likely to be something you're doing deliberately. Unless there's a special SC:DA "Grip" that I know not of . . . .

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