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Does anybody know of a mouse that has the little 2-way "nipple" scroll thingie on the top? Like a Mighty Mouse, and yet not a Mighty Mouse? Here's the thing. I really like the Mighty Mouse but Apple's form-over-function has bit them on the ass with this thing. The nipple is basically a very small mouse ball. And just like a old-school mouse it gets crudded up and stops working right. But Apple didn't make the Mighty Mouse user-serviceable - you have to BREAK parts of the case in order to open it. So far I've managed to avoid breaking it apart but cleaning the ball becomes increasingly difficult.

So what I really want is the Mighty Mouse nipple/wheel/button, but with a seam somewhere so I could crack the thing open when it's time to clean out the wheels. While we're at it, I'd quite like to get real mouse buttons as well. I hate the way the whole mouse clicks and it uses conductance to determine which side was clicks. I'd much rather have two physical buttons, thanks much.

I use the 2d a little bit (for horizontal scrolling), but what I REALLY use is the fact that it spins faster than a traditional scroll-wheel with clicky detents. I quick like the fact that I can whip it down a vertical scroll and it gets a little momentum going.

Truthfully I'd dig on some slightly better ergonomics than the Mighty Mouse as well.

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