Musings Inspired By Catan

So first off, it was pretty much a given that Catan would come out on Xbox Live while my Xbox was hors de combat. Damnit! I hear that it's a faithful and true adaptation. Avast ye my foes! Practice and practice well. According to UPS I'll have a 360 again on Wednesday. Assuming all is well I will lay waste to a field of foes most foul. You will find yourself trading stone for sheep and then blankly surveying the devastation, weeping barren tears and asking yourself where it all went wrong.

While on Catan this Penny Arcade is funny, yes? This podcast, recorded while they were creating this strip is well worth a half-hour of ear-attention. I've endorsed their podcast product or service in the past, and the feed has lain fallow for many moons - but they woke up and had podcasts for the last two strips. Still very funny, still interesting to get a glimpse of the creative process they use, stil highly recommended.

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