Aegis Wing

So there's this free 2d side-scrolling shooter available on Xbox Live – Aegis Wing. At first I was pretty skeptical, figuring it was free because it wasn't worth charging for. And after I played it single player I was still pretty much of the same opinion. But the four player cooperative is a barrel of fun. It's super short - it only had six levels and two difficulty settings and I've already won all six levels, but the coop has a lot of interesting options. The main thing is that your ships can "link" into a larger, slower ship that one player drives. The other players then become independently aiming turrets. There are also powerups, and the more people you link the bigger your special powerup becomes. There's a real art to driving the linked ships, dodging bullets, and verrrry carefully driving into powerups so that everybody has enough health and their favorite weapon.

Anyway, if you haven't downloaded it yet you should. If you have downloaded it but you haven't tried it in multiplayer definitely give it a spin. I thought we'd play it for a little bit Thursday night and then probably switch to Catan, but we played it all through the session. And ended getting a pick-up gaming session going tonight to beat the final boss on Insane difficult. I'm not a big fan of arcade shooters as a rule, but this one is surprisingly fun.

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