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A lot of Crackdown content is going to hit the Marketplace over the next week. In addition to a Title Update there is a set of Free and Premium DLC that is going hit as well.I’ll make another post when the update and DLC actually becomes available, but until then I thought you’d enjoy taking a look at what is coming up for the game and give you another reason to pop it back in your console other then the Halo 3 beta next week.Check this out: You can essentially “try before you buy” by partnering cooperatively with another player that has purchased the “Getting’ Busy Bonus Pack”. This will give both players full access to pack’s goodies, for that session.

Xbox Live's Major Nelson : Crackdown Title Update and DLC (with video)

This DLC (downloadble content) is sick! A bunch of new options and bugfixes, for free. A crazy cheat mode where you can spawn ramp trucks wherever you want, create explosive drums, get Super strength, etc. You can confiscate vehicles and store them in the Agency garage.

Then, if you blow the $10 you get three new vehicles - two with independently-aiming turret weapons, online street racing, five new weapons including a HARPOON GUN, and 4 new game types.

There are 7 new achievements - some in the free content, some in the premium.

All this and apparently the Halo 3 beta key works next week. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Crackdown is a game full of awesome!

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