God I hate Microsoft!

So, Xbox 360 #2 has died. I just spent 23 minutes on the phone with customer support. Long time readers may remember when the first one was declared dead and the new one arrived. I thought this was going to be under warranty - since 360 warranties have been extended to one year, and I've had this particular serial number less than a year. But no! It turns out my one year warranty is from my original purchase - so my second 360 only had 9 months of warranty. It costs $140 to get the "red ring of death" repaired on a machine out of warranty. Bastards!I was pretty happy with the service I got last time - the unit came back quickly and that was a somewhat dodgy case (since I couldn't consistently reproduce the freezes - this now is that the console has stopped booting altogether.) This whole "We sent you a "new" (read refurbished) box, but didn't give it a full warranty for it." - that's just bullshit.

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