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The unanswered question in all this is: Has anyone told the president? As recently as last week, a White House spokesperson reiterated Bush's "full confidence" in the troubled bureaucrat, stating that the president believes Wolfowitz "has done a very good job at the World Bank." Maybe compared to the Iraq debacle, but not in the eyes of World Bank staffers, who depicted a leadership in distress even before the current scandal blew up.

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I was going to post about this "full confidence" quote and tie it up to saying that of course Bush has "full confidence" in Wolfowitz - he's done a "heck of a job" both in Iraq "planning" in finding corruption at the World Bank. ("I is in ur bank, paying my gurlfriendz.") Besides, name *one* instance of Bush changing his opinion on anybody based on facts. He doesn't need facts - he has both a gut AND a higher father!


Sadly, while I was trying to find the news story with the best combination of direct Bush quote and being site-reasonably-likely-to-not-be-denounced-as-partisan I realized I had been beaten to the punch. Dang. (And for the record, no I don't consider Huffington Post a site-reasonably-likely-to-not-be-denounced-as-partisan, but this is the link that directly connects the two concepts, so there you go.)





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