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So a while back I talked about my backup plans and software. But that was before I got the backup drive for Tiny God. It turns out that Acronis won't back up the Boot Camp drive. I'm not quite sure why - there's something about how the drive is partitioned. And furthermore, once I had the external drive formatted Parallels wouldn't boot would the drive attached, it complained about my "non-standard" configuration.

So I poked around some. First off, there's this thread over at Parallels about how to run Boot Camp with multiple partitions. So fixing the "no boot" problem is easy - change the line that reads:

Disk 0:0 image = Boot Camp


Disk 0:0 image = Boot Camp;disk0s3

(obviously your string will vary)

But the removable drive is not visible in XP (through Parallels). So to fix that you add:

Disk 1:0 enabled = 1

Disk 1:0 = 1

Disk 1:0 media = 1

Disk 1:0 connected = 1

Disk 1:0 image = Boot Camp;disk2s2

Disk 1:0 cylinders = 0

and remove the two lines that read:

Disk 1:0 enabled = 0

Disk 1:0 = 0

This works - Parallels will run and both drives are mounted and look like "internal IDE" drives to Acronis. So Acronis will back up the C drive.

There may be issues - the backup is running now but it claims it's going to take 11 hours. Also I suspect Parallels isn't going to run if the drive is powered off. The second one is probably solvable - I can probably make two different Parallels files. But if the performance is sucky I'll have to revisit. I'd much prefer to back up in the native XP install anyway. We'll have to see

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