Dear Internet

I know, I know. I often rail about the free spoiler services the Internet provides. Especially since I have a TiVo and I often watch things a few days (or even a few weeks) after they air. However, I would like to make a public announcement of a policy change. If any show I watch ever has an episode where people throw spiders at each other, please go ahead and let me know ahead of time.* Particularly say something like "Don't watch this week's episode of Lost right before you go to bed, or you'll be awake another hour after that."

Seriously. I watched several minutes of just the upper left corner of the screen, with my hand in front of my face like a schoolgirl watching Freddy Kreuger for the first time. Not a happy camper. And now I'm tired because I was already staying up late to watch the show and the extra hour calm back down was just not what I wanted to do. Gah, creeps me out to even write about it. Why is always spiders?

*On a "practice what I preach" note - the premiere episode of Planet Earth (Pole to Pole is the title) has several shots of a great white shark catching seals. In my opinion it was much tamer than deliberately tossing spiders at people, but your mileage might certainly vary. If you thought sharks were a problem for you. And you lived on an island. Because, y'know - sharks and islands go together like corn and pizza.

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