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Eleven days into a month with no blog posts is close to a record for this blog. Shameful. Even worse, I skipped a Friday Thing-A-Week fiction post with no explanation or even a feeble excuse. Let's catch up, shall we?

Karin's been sick with some cough/cold/nastiness for quite a while now. I think I had it last week. That may sound odd but I have this "mild cold" mode where I don't feel particularly bad but my energy level is just the pits and I routinely sleep 12-14 hours a day. That may not sound incredibly strange but my average amount of sleep in a day is closer to six hours, so it's a major behavior change. I can't say for certain my writing avoidance last week wasn't just procrastination but combine it with the sleep marathons and the known presence of nasty germ personas in my household and I think I was sick.

Our weekend was also crazy busy. We had folks over for dinner and Rock Band Friday night and then we had tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil (the Kooza show) on Saturday night. Well, that was the plan anyway. Friday night we got all the guitars set up and all, played one song and then the power promptly went out. I had already done the bulk of the cooking, but we had to relocate the food to our guests' place to cook the noodles and have actual light to eat by (sigh). The power was on again when we got home at 11:30 PM but it blipped out again over night, requiring me to get up in the middle of the night to shut off all the computers because the UPS was beeping. I liked the Kooza show a lot, although they had a couple of moments where they shaded over the line from "Wow that's incredibly talented" into "Wow, that's a really fucking stupid and risky thing to do", and then I felt like I was at NASCAR (y'know - just hoping there will be an accident). But a lot of it was beautiful and amazing and only a tiny bit was unbelievably foolish. There was slightly more story than the usual Cirque production and I liked that.

So anyway, now I'm still sleeping a tiny bit more than normal but not epic twelve hour sessions. I expect to write this week and have Friday's post as normal. To be honest, while I was tired/sick/procrastinating last week I felt sorry for myself and thought that nobody would really notice or care anyway. But Friday night somebody asked about my post, so I guess that's just the stupid voice, not a real truth.

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