Weekend Off!

OK, I debated whether or not I should just take the Thanksgiving weekend off and not post fiction this week. That choice has pretty much been taken away from me. Sorry guys, but I just finished up another 10+ hours on the Home Repair Project From Hell(tm) and the room is still not finished. It has a tree in it, but the tree has to move around another couple of times before we can decorate it and be done with it all. The end is in sight and the end result will be great, but there's another two days hard slogging to make it happen. So no fiction post this weekend, and then I'll post next Friday. Promise.

And I'll blog more about the Home Repair Project From Hell(tm), but I'm too tired, and too hungry to do so now. Let me just say this: we bought a nailgun today! An electric nailgun. Boo-yah!

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