Two out of Three Ain't Bad

I appear to have just finished updating Horton to Leopard. I upgraded Kool-Aid yesterday so now Tiny God is my only Tiger holdout. (As an aside, if anybody is having any trouble with hiddenjester email addresses please let me know. The web should be fine - the web server is still on a linux box as of this writing.)

I'm undecided about Tiny God. In a lot of ways it is the machine I'm most interested in upgrading, but it's also the machine that is most likely to not work. I know of two outstanding things that concern me. The first is that the Leopard compatible verison of VMWare Fusion is a "Release Candidate". The second is that Missing Sync has a message about things not being fully compatible.

There are a few other features of the Fusion RC that I'd like to have anyway, so I'm likely to try to upgrade Fusion under Tiger. Then I guess I'll just have to decide whether Missing Sync is "compatible enough" for my purposes.

I have to say, I just tried the "Back To My Mac" screen sharing between the two Leopard machine and it made me smile. I want to go to a coffee shop tomorrow, just to confirm it's really working across the internet at large.

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