Amazon's Kindle

Has everyone seen Kindle already? It's an interesting device, but I really think it needs .PDF support to be viable. Still, it's the first e-book reader that has triggered consumer lust for me. I'll be really curious to see the reviews on this puppy.

In random news, I'm trying to learn the Dvorak keyboard layout and this is my first text ever composed with Dvorak. This is probably the oddest feeling I've ever had at a computer. I'm not using hunt and peck, I'm touch typing but I'm typing very slowly. So far the worst part is punctuation and keyboard shortcuts. It will be interesting to see how long I can take it before I have to stop and revert to QWERTY. I feel like I'm thinking in molasses, it's fascinating to realize how linked the physical act of typing and the mental act of composing text have become for me. I have to say though, I'm already starting to speed up and not use the cheat sheet as much. It's really wild.

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