Daring Fireball: Blue in the Face

Unsanity’s response more or less boils down to, APE users should check for updates and upgrade to the latest version. That’s fine advice for any user who has knowingly installed APE, but the biggest problem seems to be that many of these blue screen sufferers had no idea APE was installed on their system.

How could that be? The most common route is Logitech Control Center, the mouse “driver” software from Logitech. “Driver” in quotes because it’s utterly absurd and completely irresponsible for Logitech to base their mouse software on a completely and utterly unsupported-by-Apple system software modification. (If any readers are aware of other software that installs APE behind the scenes, please let me know.)
Daring Fireball: Blue in the Face

Oh dear. So in the discussion of "Why I'm not rushing to install Leopard" I can add that I in fact use a Logitech mouse and have APE installed on my system - unknowingly so. Now I probably have a "new-enough" version installed, I'm having some trouble figuring that out. But nonetheless, it took three days for the fact that Logitech users would get nailed with this to surface. Boo on Logitech to be sure, but I'm still glad to have waited.

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