Leopards, iPods and iPhones Oh My

'Tis the season to be talking about looming Apple purchases. Leopard is out on Friday, and my inchoate "I want a new iPod" desires have coalesced.

1) Leopard looks very cool. I disagree with pundits saying it's not very exciting. Sadly I'm most excited about the new features for terminal, but Stacks look super-useful and Time Machine looks fabulous. There's a list of all the new features and a Guided Tour that's worth skimming through. I won't install it day one though. I got a little burned with Tiger (I was using Carbon Copy Cloner for backups at the time and it didn't run on Tiger, and my Palm Desktop synching just completely broke), so I'm going to let other people try out my crucial apps first. My synching strategy works and seems to humming along smoothly but if any one of those pieces blows up then I'll be a sad camper. I'll probably order a family pack of license from Amazon but wait until next week to try it. Well, I have a deadline on November 5th, so I'll probably wait until then. Then I'll detach Kool-Aid from the sync mothership and try it out.

2) I talked before about not wanting an iPhone and in that post I speculated on how hot the touch screen would be on top of a 160 gig drive. Well we didn't quite get that. I convinced myself that I could make a 16 Gb iPod Touch work for me, but then the reports came in about the sub-par video on the iPod touch screen. I think my long term plan is probably an iPhone in another year or two and in the short term asking Santa for a 160 Gb iPod Classic. Ironically Karin has been talking about wanting a new phone and while I can't quite see replacing my Treo with an iPhone I talked her into wanting an iPhone to replace her baseline, non-Bluetooth phone. While her having a fancier phone than me will annoy me a little it makes a lot of sense. I'm just not losing the Treo until something with To-Do lists, synchronizable Notes, and a decent e-book reader comes along. I'm sure by next summer there will be an iPhone that meets that description.

3) Secret subtext underlying the iPhone thing. Karin got a new car stereo for her birthday and it has both a Bluetooth interface for a phone and an iPod interface. It won't talk to our old 3G iPods, but we both have iPod Nanos that it does control. It should talk to either an iPhone or an iPod Classic as well, should those products land beneath the Christmas tree . . . .

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