An Update To Fictional Thing A Week

I'm changing the rules. I originally said that I was "committing to a whole new story - beginning, middle and end." on every Friday. I was contrasting it to the cliffhanger way I wrote the Captain Arcolier serial. But then yesterday I sat down to crank out this week's story and jammed out 2000 words just setting up the scene and the characters. Last week I bent the rule already - Vlad was a complete story, but it's also set inside a larger framework I've been building.

2000 words is a long blog post, and there's at least another 2000 words on this story. It's already longer than the first two Thing A Week posts, and I don't feel I'm at the halfway point. The thing is, the story hit a natural breaking point, a place where it makes a lot of sense to post what I have so far. So I think I'm going to give myself an out about posting chapters of a story if that makes sense. If I end up doing some 10K words in a story I don't want to just plop that into one window and say "Hey enjoy the scrolling!"

I'll post the story (OK, the chapter) next. I think most people will find it a reasonable chunk of story. I'll ask one thing: if you dislike (or like) the concept of chapters each week then post about the general concept on this thread. If you have specific comments about the piece itself, then post on the comments for it.

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