Stupid DS Tricks

Every so often I'm brought up short when I'm on one of my "You know, the Nintendo DS is a very flawed console." rants, and it always happens at the same point. One part of my spiel is that Nintendo has a certain list of stupid features that they include in every DS game, and the absolute dumbest is the fact that they make you blow into the microphone for a variety of things. Invariably somebody claims this only happens in a small fraction of games and/or it only happens on goofy niche games.

So at this time I'd just like to note that a minor obscure title called The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has you blow out candles (in order to open doors) and blow dust off a map (just in case you weren't annoyed already).

While I'm thinking about they totally ruined the battle mode in Mario Kart where you have three balloons behind your cart by making you blow into the microphone to inflate the balloons.

So the next time somebody tells me they are a big DS fan, and they never have to blow into the microphone I'm going to ask if they played either Zelda or Mario Kart. Admittedly, neither is likely to be a popular mainstream game . . . .

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