Gamefly is begining to annoy me

The problem with Gamefly is that games don't work the same way as movies, so they don't have some of the same luxuries that Netflix does. Which is to say that I have a deep Netflix queue and it's all stuff I want to watch. Even if something has been on my queue for a long time, I probably still want to watch it.

At the moment I have two games I really want to try out (Saints Row and Dead Rising), and one game that I'm so-so on checking out (Enchanted Arms). Also a couple of releasing soon games in the queue, but I can't blame them for not shipping those.

I've sent three games back now, hoping to get Dead Rising, and for two of those returns I would have very happy with Saints Row instead. But instead I received Gun, and then Prey. Those were OK selections so I only grumbled a bit inside my head. But they just sent me a note saying that they sent me Rub Rabbits for the DS. Which is pretty much down in the swampy morass of "well, maybe I'd try that someday if there was nothing better to play" at the bottom of my queue.

Dead Rising in particular has basically never been available since release, several weeks ago. Hey Gamefly, maybe you should buy another couple of copies of that?

Anybody else using Gamefly? Getting the titles you want? I've had the occasional problem with not getting the top game on my list, but this is the first time I've ever had a particular title persist in being unreachable over several weeks. It's also the first time they've passed up SEVERAL titles in my list for something lower down.

I think I'm going to delete out the rubbishy things at the bottom of my list. I'd honestly rather they waited a day or two to get something better than sent me something that I'm likely to send back after a day or two.

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