The Internal Critic

"Hey," the Internal Critic said, "don't cockblock me, man. I'll tell you when it's working and when it isn't."

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I've had a bit of a frustrating day, creatively - and the astute will notice I've missed a post for the impulsive Captain Arcolier. Tuesday was a holiday, and Karin was leaving town, and the cats hate fireworks, and blah, blah, blah. Point is I'm off-balance domestically and that means I don't work smoothly. I spentwasted a large chunk of the day surfing ye old Internets, and the only thing that got a real chuckle today was the Internal Critic saying "don't cockblock me, man." Anyone who has ever attempted anything creative has to appreciate that.

Everyone knows I'm not the "hey let's have kids" guy, but this spoke to me. Not the having kids part but the whole sort of "recognize where you are, and recognize that you're there because that is where you wanted to be be you lucky son-of-a-bitch" thing, that resonates. Amen, brother Wheaton!

I never really was a fan of Wil-Wheaton-the-actor*, but Wil-Wheaton-the-blogger is very insightful. One day I'll get around to reading his books and then give you an opinion of Wil-Wheaton-the-author. Remind me.

*Not that I dislike him, just was never that into either Stand By Me or ST:TNG.

(I wrote this in Flock, but it refused to post properly to my blog. I copied and pasted and fiddled and ultimately it would have been easier to write this in TextMate like normal. Frowny face, but that's not really the point now is it?)