What. The. Frack.

Battlestar Galactica cannot be trusted, it seems, to actually push the envelope. I was very disappointed by 2.11 and 2.12 (the Resurrection ship episodes); I thought it would push the show into an interesting moral place if the "good guys" actually did "bad" things in pursuit of their goals. The speech about "deserving" to survive from Adama, despite a stellar (as usual) performance by Olmos, rang very hollow. BSG has become, to me, a show that constantly walks right up to the line, looks at it, looks at the viewer, and backs away again.

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I've been fighting this analysis for most of season 2, but I give up. I just watched the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, and it was terrible. Awful. Like "Let's take everything that makes this character who she is and ball it up and throw it away." bad.

I've been unhappy with several episodes in the second season (especially the "second half" of the second season - and what was that about anyway?) - I think they've begun to focus on syndication and making each episode a single capsule that stands on its own - which is very different from season one where each episode was a beat in an overall dramatic arc. But I still thought it was the best TV running right now.  I don't have much confidence in season 3 right now. They can redeem it, but that was just . . . bad. I can't explain what I didn't like without getting into spoilers, but as you watch the finale just ask yourself - is that the same Kara Thrace we've seen for two seasons now? I don't think it is, I don't think the whole episode holds true to the rest of the series.

 Very disappointed.


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