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All you Wii (and/or Nintendo in general) apologists? Here's a homework exercise. Find me a store in the South Bay area that has a playable Wii kiosk. I'll give you a headstart, Best Buy and Target just have a DVD running with a fake Wii encased in plastic. Toys-R-Us didn't even bother with the fake Wii and just ran the DVD on a LCD monitor.See, I'm curious as to whether Karin will like the Wii, and I have my doubts about the whole crazy remote control thing. So I want to find a place where Karin and I can check out an actual Wii game. I ran across several PS3 demo kiosks today (but didn't care) and every place I went had a 360 kiosk of course. But nobody has playable Wii's. I guess if you're on the fence about the Wii then Nintendo just doesn't want your business :-) Oh and that DVD? It explains how you can put the remote on your head, or on your HIP in order to hula dance. If at this point your brain explodes as you cry "What game is THAT?" - well I can't help you. Apparently it's a game that you can only get if your Wii is secretly just a DVD player.The obvious gap here is that I didn't try a Gamestop or an Electronics Boutique. But my entire time in the industry I got pummeled over how the presence in a boutique store didn't matter - how it was all about Toys-R-Us and Wal-mart. So even if the gaming stores have a playable one I still mark it as a marketing failure. But I'll go check it out, so let me know if that's the trick.So far I've heard several confirmations of the Penny Arcade thesis: It's a great party game system but that's all it's good for. I know of one local couple where one person says it's great fun. It's SUCH fun that she's played it in the office but at home? Still haven't plugged the Wii in. Well I'm sold!

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