Minor trivia bit

As an ongoing thing I always see a few 404's for "index.rdf" in the logs. I've never paid much attention - that part of my system logs is a cesspool of various probes to see if some sort of botnet exploit thingie is on my system. I just assumed that index.rdf was one of those.

But lately I've been doing some web development stuff, so I have some fairly high-powered JavaScript debuggers and DOM Inspectors installed. And I noticed that THEY were complaining about index.rdf when I visited my own damn site. Oops. So I looked at it in some more detail. Turns out there are alternate links for the site in RSS, Atom, and RSD (whatever the last is) formats. Only the RSS file is named index.xml, not index.rdf. So if you've ever tried to subscribe to a RSS feed here and had some problems, I apologize. Try it again and let me know if it works. And next time my site gives you a glitch, drop me an email wouldja?

(And for all of you saying "But I've been using a RSS feed for a long time now" - the sidebar links on the right that said "Syndicate" pointed at the right file. This would be if you had some application that directly read the metadata from the header.)

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