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The holiday onslaught has well and truly begun. This week alone brings a new Tiger Woods (I realize many of you will scoff - but four player online golf with friends is pretty cool), Lumines Live (on 360), Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and Sid Meier's Railroads (OMG, SUCH a time sink). Destroy All Humans 2 comes out this week as well, but definitely loses in the face of such an assault. Bully might be interesting - but that's a definite renter first I think.

I gave up on Okami after some more play. The art style is fresh and new, and the story was somewhat interesting, but the gameplay itself is dull and repetitive. How much "Hit square repeatedly" is fun? See I have media for marveling over the art and linear storytelling. I call them "DVD's". Okami ends up being an anime that makes you push X after every two lines of dialog. No thanks.

Gamefly redeemed itself partially by shipping me the first two titles on my list (Dead Rising (finally) and Lego Star Wars II). Interestingly, both titles showed as "Short Wait" and "Not for sale" until they actually shipped and suddenly had sale prices. Why they are selling titles that they haven't had in stock for weeks is beyond me, but OK, whatever.

If you had trouble with the Gamertag display over the last couple of days - blame Microsoft. They had down for 24 hours of maintenance on Tuesday and then did something as yet unexplained which messed up certain areas over Wednesday. It's Thursday morning and I STILL can't access my Friends List from the web. Nice "upgrade" MS, glad to see you're still maintaining high quality standards!

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