Riddick Plays AD&D

(And yes, I know they dropped the 'A' a while back. It will always be Advanced to me, baby.)

Amazon dropped me a line pointing out that I might want to order the upcoming 30 Years of Adventure : A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D Retrospective) (Paperback) - which is a reasonably good guess, let's be honest. I thought I was familiar with the product - this is just the softcover version of the book that came out last year. Fair enough. However one thing did catch my eye - the softcover was edited by Peter Archer (which makes perfect sense - he's the head of the book department), but check out the author of the hardcover version. That's right Vin Diesel!

I poked around a bit and it's not as quite as outlandish as it sounds, apparently he really did write the foreword. I've been seeing more and more stuff about Amazon screwing up the author credit on books and apparently it's a real pain to get it straightened out, so I assume this is the same sort of thing. Anyway, it made me laugh.

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