DRM Discussion

Cory Doctorow gave a talk about DRM to HP recently - in some ways a follow up to his talk at Microsoft last year. It's good reading - take a look.

He briefly mentions the TiVo changes recently where TiVo has started tagging some shows with a limited lifespan regardless of your wishes. TiVo claims these are errors, and those flags are only supposed to apply to Pay Per View, but their claims make no technical sense (translation - they are lying about what their software actually does).

I've been a staunch TiVo supporter since 2000 when I bought a first generation TiVo box. I have two of them in the house right now. Now DirecTV is moving away from TiVo, so I'll probably have to switch tech anyway, but TiVo is going down a dark path. When I first heard about the DirecTV changeover I thought "Oh crap." Now I would be thinking about ditching TiVo anyway. I'm going to start looking into a MythTV box - TiVo is becoming a company that I don't trust to have my best interests at heart. I truly expect to hate setting up and administering MythTV - it's Linux after all. But until the software people get out of Hollywood's pocket - well they can jolly well get out of mine :-)