Revolution? Nah. But it might be pretty fun

So Nintendo has shown the controller for Revolution now. If you haven't seen it, it's worth seeing, and if you can, get the video. (I grabbed it at IGN - it wasn't even hidden behind a pay wall!) I like it. I mean the proof will be in the games, and the video I saw wasn't games, it was more like concept, but I think there is a lot of neat possibilities. And it looks cool and fun to use, as opposed to the DS which is innovative yet clunky.

Basically the primary controller is a little TV remote kind of thing and there are sensors to see where you're pointing it. So you can use it like a mouse, but apparently it can detect more motion than that, so you can do stuff like air drum, or air fish, or air baseball bat swing, etc. etc.

It's going to be simple, easy to use and it looks like fun.

Now, on the other hand if Nintendo doesn't have games ready to show . . . then it's late 2006, not early. Not surprising, but late to the game. It will be interesting to see when Sony makes it out the gate. And whether Microsoft has really managed to score 24 launch titles and not make any real media splash with any of them.

Generation changes are always interesting times . . . glad to see Nintendo is still in there innovating. And I'm glad to see that the Revolution ISN'T a touch screen or a gyroscope - both of those would have been disappointing, in my opinion.