Knights of Arcadia FTW

Fear the Claw Shrimp!Yep that's my WoW toon - I'm playing in the new Penny Arcade guild - Knights of Arcadia over on Dark Iron. After a crazy amount of scrimping and saving I bought the guild tabard last night so now I'm styling.I had joined the PvP Guild (Panda Attack) but when I saw that Penny Arcade was forming a guild to oppose PvP I had to jump ship and go with my true loyalties. I had been debating what to do about WoW since everyone I played with had either quit outright or moved to another server. And this time around I'm playing Alliance, so I don't have to go through the Barrens again.Anyway - the guild makes it a surprisingly different experience. I even took a Mage - knowing that I wouldn't be able to solo very effectively but I'm having a lot of fun.