I seem to be having tremoundous difficulty with my lifestyle

Sadly, that line isn't in the movie. We just got back from seeing Hitchhiker's. I quite enjoyed it, but many of the of zingy one liners are missing - the quotes that truly stand out from the book (or the radio series). My favorite scene (Majikthise and Vroomfondel) is entirely cut, but the essence of the story present. It's not the book and it's not the radio series, but it's as close to either one as they are to each other - and that's fair enough.

JP, you may want to read the book before seeing the movie - you'll get more out of it that way.

I was also curious - it was the first time I saw a film that wasn't entirely digital on a DLP projector. I've seen Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Final Fantasy, Attack of the Clones, and the Incredibles on DLP and thought it was well worth the extra effort for most of these. You might think that Attack of the Clones wouldn't count - but it was shot on digital HD cameras so no film grain present in the master. Final Fantasy is the odd one out here - they did an artificial film grain filter and it quite frankly looked poor on the DLP. It was obviously fake. HHGTG was a bit in-between the extremes. I can't recommend DLP enough for Pixar films - it just looks awesome. There was film grain on Hitchhiker's and it made the CG sequences not fit as seamlessly as they might have otherwise. But the dolphins in the intro looked great.

Anyway, I'd recommend the movie - even at the outrageous price they charge. It's the first movie I've seen in the theater in 2005 and for good reason - $9.75 for a ticket is just outrageous. I know people who get upset about the profit margins on a $20 DVD, which I can understand but c'mon! how is $10 for a movie ticket to share space with the great unwashed any better?

There were people there in bathrobes, and a few who brought towels. To those people I'd just like to say: I hate you. It's not Rocky Horror and I'd quite like it if you don't turn it into such. And a confidential note to the guy who made his girlfriend bring a towel, but she brought a small little hand-towel - that's your girlfriend's way of saying she's humoring you being a geek in public but you're making her feel like an idiot. Notice she didn't wear it out of the theater. Stupid thing to spend your brownie points, bro!

In conclusion, I'd like to invite you all to stay off my lawn! (shakes fist).

P.S. I also hate Chuji. Naturally.