PSP Day 4

Well, I loves me some PSP. Honestly - Nintendo is screwed in the handheld space. They've been warming over ancient technology for years now, and Sony has them with their pants down. Nintendo's response was to fragment their install base into two different camps and completely screw the pooch on multiplayer. The DS is awkward to hold, and has very few games that are anything other than 2nd class ports.

I bought 5 games for the PSP - and every one of them supports wireless multiplayer. Only one tops at 2 players (Lumines) - the next fewest is Untold Legends at 4. I have more multiplayer games for my PSP than my DS, I have more games for my PSP than my DS. How is it that I'm comparing a launch console to a six month old device? Go look at the upcoming release calendar for DS and PSP - honestly what is going on there. The DS is a Virtua Boy. It had better outright be the Revolution's controller or Nintendo is going to orphan it and fast.

Mario Party GBA comes out next week. Now, historically I would snap this up for Karin. Ready for the kicker - it doesn't even support multiplayer on the DS - because the DS can't interface with GBA link cables. Nice. So they put one of their strongest multiplayer franchises on the GBA six months after the DS launch so that everyone who traded in a GBA for DS can't play. Smooth.

Anyway. The PSP is phenomenal. Can't stress that enough. And if you have a PSP buy Lumines. Great game. In fact, can anybody tell me what other games Tetsuya Mizuguchi has done besides Rez? Based on Rez and now Lumines I would buy his other works on faith.

In other news I gave up on hoping Netflix would carry games and subscribed to GameFly. I got Republic Commando (which I haven't even booted yet) and Donkey Kong's Jungle Beat. Jungle Beat is awesome fun - although you have to play it in short doses or your hands really hurt. I was worried it would be too short but it's a good enough party game that I'm going to buy it. If you have a bongo controller I strongly recommend at least renting Jungle Beat. And if you ever have groups for party games I think Jungle Beat would be an awesome game for passing the controller around.