The Lost Entry

(So I wrote an entry in the park a week ago Wednesday. That was the day I drove into SF and then the alternator died. Which flowed straight into my birthday party, which then flowed straight into the several days of network redoing and PC construction. I never actually posted that post, but here it is. And Pic_A_Day will have the matching pic)

Spring is finally here in the Valley and me and Kool-Aid had to get out of Dodge today anyway. So I'm writing this from John Morgan park in Campbell - which is just freaking gorgeous. The grass has been cut recently, enough that the smell is still in the air. I'm sitting in the shade of this huge tree, looking out over the field. I can't really do much editing work on Playing Cops and Robots - I need the hardcopy for that. So I just started writing something fluffy - something more dialog focused, hopefully something that has more of a sense of humor than my more serious projects. I don't know that anything will come of it - I've been finding that my writing flows better with a plan and this was just entirely random spew from the top of the ever-simmering brain. But it gives me a sense of peace, a connection to the world and the seasons that is too easy to lose in our modern world. And spending the afternoon in a park makes me feel a zillion percent better about missing GDC! (Interuption for phone call - I just got the word from Chuji on the dinner and drinking plans. So I'm not even missing the good part anyway)

If you read this blog you should come to my birthday party this weekend (and you should have already gotten an invite - if not give me a holler). I just went by BevMo earlier and I have a trunk-ful of booze and soda. There are periodic things were I feel less like a self-employed creative writer chasing a dream, and more like a slacker slouching around. Having a cart full of booze at 1 PM on Wednesday afternoon is definitely more slacker-feeling than writer-feeling :-) But it should be fun. Tomorrow morning I'll do the grocery run and we should be all set. The weather looks like it should stay nice so we'll have the back yard open as well. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.