Living Writerly, Living Large

So the most popular Timmeh! question these days is "How's the writing going?" Answer is: slowly. Actually there's been a boatload of stuff afoot. These days I have a "Big Board" in my office - it's a big 6 page spreadsheet table (3x2 grid) with the plot outline for my NaNoWriMo novel. The plot got complicated enough that I was having trouble making sure everything got introduced before it was needed and so forth, so this is my answer.

There was a big flurry of work because I actually submitted the first three chapters to an open call for novels - that went out yesterday. So I spent most of the weekend thrashing them into shape, along with the Big Board so I could write a chapter outline.

In other novelling news I'm going to Potlatch 14 this weekend. I guess if there's a Bay Area SF writing community I should look into it. Also of note March is National Novel Editing Month - yang to NaNoWriMo's yin. So I'm committed to doing 50 hours of editting on the book this month. Yay writing!

I've also been spending a lot of time on non-writing tasks. I'm gradually coming to the realization that if I hadn't quit I was going to eventually have to take a week's vacation to just finish up dangling moving issues - like balancing the checkbook, finish the last bits of unpacking and so forth. I have hopes of getting my office finally clean before my birthday - I've got about a week and a half :-)