Battlestar Galactica

So now that I'm home all day I no longer have work Magic: The Gathering or DS play or whatever to fill my lunchtime. This week I've been catching up on Battlestar Galactica episodes, and now I'm completely current on it. (I'm still behind a couple of Enterprises.) So minus points for social interaction but a big plus on my sci-fi consumption scale. (shrug)

And I have to say I was pretty indifferent to the BG mini-series but the show kicks major ass. It's dramatic, it doesn't wrap everything into a neat package for every episode, and truth to tell it's being somewhat politically subversive in our current times. It's only had what . . . five episodes so far? But it has tackled issues of dealing with terrorists, of witch hunts, of civilian vs. military control. SIlly minor point that really sold me on it? (minor spoiler alert) For two episodes after the one where Apollo fought the terrorist he had a slowly healing scratch on his face. It's a minor point, and I actually thought at one point "What's wrong with his face?" before realizing it was from a prior episode. I'd contend that's a major problem with modern Trek - the push for syndicated content means there is very little story that carries episode to episode. This season starts those three episode arcs - but you could swap around the order of those arcs with very little impact. Think about it - take a season one episode of Enterprise and compare it with tomorrow's episode. What has actually CHANGED between the two?

- T'Pol no longer works for the Vulcans
- Enterprise now has marines on board
- Ummmmmm . . . the teleporter works better?

Battlestar Galactica has had more development in four EPISODES than Enterprise managed in four SEASONS.

A few episodes ago I would have said that BG is the best sci-fi currently on TV. I'd actually say right now it's one of the best SHOWS on television, bar none.