The Writer's Life Day 3

So I'm blocking myself up a little bit and I'm pretty sure I know why. 1) I'm a creature of habit, of routine in large part. I'm a little adrift until I figure out what my new routine needs to be. I've got too many variables to game and I have to get that all sorted before my productivity will go up. 2) I set myself a pretty stern deadline, and that's interacting badly with 1). So I'm moving to Plan B - without the deadline and giving me a little more time to figure out the new lifestyle.

I *AM* getting some writing down - just not the same effortless groove I was achieving towards the end of the NaNoWriMo novel. I'll get there, I just need to take things as they unfold and not obsess on rates of progress. Until the second week anyway :-)

It's been raining since I quit, today was the first time I'd seen the sun in four days or so. I was putzing around on the computer doing some pre-writing web surfing and suddenly realized "Hey, it's really bright outside." So the iPod and I took off for an hour or so of walking around the neighborhood. That was certainly very cool - I'm not used to even particularly noticing an unexpected hour of sunshine, much less exploiting it.

Then I came home and read some short stories and ended up taking a nap with my tricksy little cat. You won this time Schrodinger! (shakes fist in the air)