Bits and bobs

Bunch of unrelated little bits, spewed at you into one big post. Enjoy!

  1. Podcasts - I've been attempting to catch up on my old podcasts lately. Two that I've enjoyed: Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito and surprisingly, the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour podcast. I say surprisingly because I've never been able to get interested in the Pro Tour recaps. I subscribed to the podcast because it was the MTG podcast, and almost deleted it when I realized it was all Pro Tour focused. But what can I say, reading the web recaps of the Pro Tour is boring, but the audio recording conveys the . . . sport of it, the human drama of the various players striving against each other.

  2. Guitar Hero - I may have hit a wall. I got to the hard level without learning the hammer-on and pick-off techniques. I mean, I understand them but I don't actually use them. The hard difficulty adds a sixth fingering position, and that's hard enough but at the same time the notes come quickly enough that I need to master this other thing. My last couple of sessions with it have convinced me I need to go back to a difficulty where I can play it, but force myself to try the more complex fingering techniques. I'm not sure I'll break through the wall. We'll see.

  3. Web Site - I've been thinking about this site and my fledgling writing career. I've come to the conclusion that this site, as I currently use it is unsuitable for for a professional writer promotional vehicle. I see two options - 1) I spin that promotional stuff off into a new site and probably makes posts here even more rare. 2) I revamp this site (lose the "Sniping Post" moniker for instance, stop slagging various game developers, and stop using it to mock my personal friends). I go back and forth as to the correct answer. Any opinions? Should I separate the personal crap from my "professional" online presence?

  4. Holiday Reading - Lately I haven't had much time to read novels, I've been catching up with magazines, or reading MTG books. But now we're flying back east next week for a bit, so I got a batch of Amazon goodies today. :-) .

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